Friday, December 7, 2012

Social Responsibility

As a nation we have some responsibilities which we have to perform to make us a perfect nation .First of all we thought about our houses,then streets and then colonies and then our city and then province and then country.But we have a lot of things to thoughts about first of all we starts from Cleanliness.We are Muslims community and clearly says that cleanliness is our half Eman but when the time came we do not do any thing.There are lot of examples one of the smallest is which i have seen a lot and heart me a lot that people collect garbage from their houses and put it on the side of streets .They want to clean their house but not street.If they do not put it on small street they put it on the big streets.They have to sense that this house is there it is with street and then with colony and then city and then province.There are a lot of place to put the garbage but we do not put it in proper place.This is shame for us as a nation .We can do things a lot as community we do not have to look for government to do.If we plane some thing we can do this i have see on different occasions that if competition create between street to clean it will work remarkably.This is the smallest responsibility i mention to response.