Tuesday, September 28, 2010


In this world we have lot of relationships some of them go with the passage of time and some of them are long lasting.The relations which are going with the time is like class fellows as well people who meet u in any jerney. Some relation gone but their impect on life remains with our thoughts and history some people came and go away but they left the impect on our life that they remember till the man,s life going on .God bless human being  with the habit of forget occasions if we are not blessed with that our life becomes more difficult.But my desire is to put light on those relations which loge lasting but depends on the human nature and tolrence.Relations are crutioal for life these relation make the life beautiful like garden or make it like desert.If we have tolerence we get the relations going life looks like garden. We have to think before making a relation but after a relation was made we have to look after it .