Friday, December 7, 2012

Social Responsibility

As a nation we have some responsibilities which we have to perform to make us a perfect nation .First of all we thought about our houses,then streets and then colonies and then our city and then province and then country.But we have a lot of things to thoughts about first of all we starts from Cleanliness.We are Muslims community and clearly says that cleanliness is our half Eman but when the time came we do not do any thing.There are lot of examples one of the smallest is which i have seen a lot and heart me a lot that people collect garbage from their houses and put it on the side of streets .They want to clean their house but not street.If they do not put it on small street they put it on the big streets.They have to sense that this house is there it is with street and then with colony and then city and then province.There are a lot of place to put the garbage but we do not put it in proper place.This is shame for us as a nation .We can do things a lot as community we do not have to look for government to do.If we plane some thing we can do this i have see on different occasions that if competition create between street to clean it will work remarkably.This is the smallest responsibility i mention to response.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


In this world we have lot of relationships some of them go with the passage of time and some of them are long lasting.The relations which are going with the time is like class fellows as well people who meet u in any jerney. Some relation gone but their impect on life remains with our thoughts and history some people came and go away but they left the impect on our life that they remember till the man,s life going on .God bless human being  with the habit of forget occasions if we are not blessed with that our life becomes more difficult.But my desire is to put light on those relations which loge lasting but depends on the human nature and tolrence.Relations are crutioal for life these relation make the life beautiful like garden or make it like desert.If we have tolerence we get the relations going life looks like garden. We have to think before making a relation but after a relation was made we have to look after it .

Saturday, August 28, 2010


We live in a country which is considered as a God gifted land.It is full of all resources that a country needed but one thing which is missing is shortage of sincere people .This land is looking his Great Mahteer Muhammad , Lolady Silva ,Mozatang but we could not find in sixty years only one man came and he give us this beautiful country but life cannot give him time to give us nursery of politician we crushed in the hands of either Fudarals or Sardars they crushed us with out mercy .With the passage of time we becoming worst and more. This nation has ability to donate sacrifice and all those qualities but no one guide them till yet .May be time will come soon or latter .With the passage of time all bad habits form politicians moved in our nation now as nation we do not live cleanliness ,honesty ,truth, punishment on sin ,law and much more good things which as a Muslim and as nation is our heritage but we lose all this . We want money from which way it come no mater for us . That is why the line between poor of rich is becoming bigger and bigger. Time will come when these poor people have hands around the necks of these rich people before this time come we have to think about as think about Pakistan as well.
God is also not happy from us that is why we are struggling from these floods earth quacks and many more things .

I Pray God forgive us as nation and bless us with his kindness Amine

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Disaster in Pakistan

People of Pakistan is suffering from flood disaster now a day .We do not now what is done by us a nation that God is angry form us that within two years of time we are suffering from flood people of Pakistan is not yet recover from the disaster of Earth Quack in 2008, Flood of the century came and do which we cannot bleave . Although we just seen from away but when go near it is to biggest that a man can imagine . We have gone back twenty years back and the coming disaster is much more bigger when diseases spread in those areas where life suffer to survive . When earth quack came it is Ramadan now again when flood came it is arrival of Ramadan . We have to think about that why a disaster came before  or during this holy month what we have done wrong and this is the month of Rahmat but we suffer this is what we have to think about so we try to Say Astagfar from God as a nation or individual .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

VIP Culture IN Pakistan

VIP culture is mostly populated in Pakistan especially in democracy Governments ,and people who relate to the bureaucracy .Any one whose any relatives is in Government or in any kind of position use it in every field of life .They even use this in health centers where every one pay and waiting their time to come some one came and use their relation and go in people with no relation suffer from this if any one have courage to say some thing he should punish with what they can do this is our culture and we are popular of this we hurt a lot but we cannot do anything this is our misery .I do not think our forefathers think about that kind of Pakistan .Can we do any thing if not we hurt a lot in coming time if Pakistan have to compete with other countries we have to change all that .

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Nature can give us all the blessing of life and can take us to the extremes of it one of its little examples of it is water. In some parts of Pakistan we are waiting for rain to give us water so that we can grow our crops and in other parts of Pakistan water is problem like Hunza an Karachi  and Gavader in Baluchistan. Now a days Ocean Peat is in progress to attack in coastal areas of Sind and Baluchistan and heavy rain fall is in pursue people are in trouble With lot of water in their houses and roads life is in difficult due to water and in other parts people are in trouble with their thirst. They want few drops of rain for their life to run and in other parts rain is eating life this is the Nature.Which we have to accept and thanks Allah for his blessing and as well thank in examination in Hunza Karachi and Baluchistan to become the people of Allah . Because with the end of something or after the end of life new life born .This is again Nature we have to think about that and pray for Allah and his blessings.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When Pakistan was made our forefather thoughts that we made a country which is out of fear of anyone who can attack them and their worship places.We live in peace full atmosphere with brotherhood.They never thought that they are making a country which is run by thieves and they live in fear and do not worship at mosques church and temples .We appear in front of God with fear of attack and death. What happen to us.
Islam does not give us education of terrorist attack.Are we  Muslims i thinks with this kind of activities not,
 Islam is religion of looking after of every human being either Muslim or not .We and our leaders should think about that in what way we are going we have to do something other wise we will destroyed himself.We have to left this fear and make this country which our forefather thoughts. 

                                                I like that sentence After fear there is a wining point.We have to make this happen after all these situations of attacks in all parts of Pakistan .