Sunday, June 6, 2010


Nature can give us all the blessing of life and can take us to the extremes of it one of its little examples of it is water. In some parts of Pakistan we are waiting for rain to give us water so that we can grow our crops and in other parts of Pakistan water is problem like Hunza an Karachi  and Gavader in Baluchistan. Now a days Ocean Peat is in progress to attack in coastal areas of Sind and Baluchistan and heavy rain fall is in pursue people are in trouble With lot of water in their houses and roads life is in difficult due to water and in other parts people are in trouble with their thirst. They want few drops of rain for their life to run and in other parts rain is eating life this is the Nature.Which we have to accept and thanks Allah for his blessing and as well thank in examination in Hunza Karachi and Baluchistan to become the people of Allah . Because with the end of something or after the end of life new life born .This is again Nature we have to think about that and pray for Allah and his blessings.

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