Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When Pakistan was made our forefather thoughts that we made a country which is out of fear of anyone who can attack them and their worship places.We live in peace full atmosphere with brotherhood.They never thought that they are making a country which is run by thieves and they live in fear and do not worship at mosques church and temples .We appear in front of God with fear of attack and death. What happen to us.
Islam does not give us education of terrorist attack.Are we  Muslims i thinks with this kind of activities not,
 Islam is religion of looking after of every human being either Muslim or not .We and our leaders should think about that in what way we are going we have to do something other wise we will destroyed himself.We have to left this fear and make this country which our forefather thoughts. 

                                                I like that sentence After fear there is a wining point.We have to make this happen after all these situations of attacks in all parts of Pakistan . 

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