Saturday, May 22, 2010


Education in Pakistan is not as good as in other parts of subcontinent .It is a great tragedy for us we have to thinks about that if not it will harm us as demak swallowed a beautiful tree inside and no one realise that happen inside that tree .It is due to our negligence we have all kinds of polices but not have implementation and more with the changing of Government all polices charges every minster want his picture on books . Teachers did not have respect and facilities that he should have people who did not qualify for doctor & engineer and lot of other subject will become teacher these people have inferiority compels with other profession they did not qualify for this most respected occupation .There should be method of study for teachers and  have a level to qualify for this profession people who have interest should study the subjects and then qualify for this have appointed . Then see we will get the results .The other side of  mirror is student. As nation we did not have a habit of study. Parents did not encourage their children to study the books .Tradition of libraries are went away. We as a nation thinks about that and get the solution so we can make us an educated nation as others.

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