Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jerney to Miranshah

It was 2000 and i come to experience of going to Miranshah a territory near Afghan border .It was a pleasant morning of August and i start journy from okara . I go to Lahore bus station for departure when i reach at the spot van has left lahore and i was late . I have no option i consult to a person who guided me that from the other side of station coaches go to Banu from there u can go to meranshah so i purchases a ticket and sit in the coach i look toward the people sitting around me they all are strangers for me and taking in Pushtu their typical language . We are going on the moter way gurney was in pursued and sundley i heard a different vice form tire people are sleeping driver said to him conductor to see the problem he went doun and see and said their is nothing driver start driving after half an hour a dangerous vice of tire burst and coach going towards one side at that time i saw what is life and how man can react in these kind of situations their is fear of death and people pushing each other to go doun there is no respect of father or son people are crying but thanks God all are safe driver with his skill make coach in his command and stop it .Then the motor way police came they give support and journey stars again . We reach bunu and sit in another coach which go to miranshah after one and half hour journey i reach miranshah there was Taliban government in Afghanistan it was totally diffrent area for me it looks like that i go back in anciant time but difference is weapons every person is occupied with every kind of weapon i was in fear that they will kidnap me or kill me with some courage i talk to person and inquire about sabzi madi he do not now Urdu but in separated words he give me a Clo after twenty minute walk i reach at my spot people waiting me.It was fifteen day visit to buy potatoes for a supply to chips company

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