Friday, May 14, 2010


Today i am talk about tolerance . we live in that part of world where we have so much shortage of tolerance especially subcontinent either take people from India Pakistan or Bangladesh they have the same attitude they do not bear any thing any person. Today i experience that an old person came to vegetable market on a bicycle due to his age or may  be he cannot control  cycle hit a young man after that he was so regretful and did not say any word yet the young man on motorcycle came back without knowing the reason and hit his bicycle then go forward then old man say that you have to see what happened man stop his motor cycle and rush towards the old man to hit him but people around stop him he is a young man from a rich family and saying a lot some people argued him but he does not want to accept his fault the old man has tears in his eyes and thanks to the persons who help him . It is the tragedy of our nation that we did not have patience in all parts of life .We want to show power and people who have power did not punished on doing big mistakes. Even in mosques we did not have patience if any ones mobile rings  if he is poor person every one hit on him with his guilty words. We did not realize that we are in the home of Almighty's Allah and come here to worship . I request all those people that  they have to think a little about the things when in pursue we are ready to fight on small thing fight starts from human selfish and ends to the excuses.

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